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The best French tutor in Calgary. She's from France.

Nathalie: not just a tutor—a real teacher!!

Private French tutor
Nathalie Moore, DEUG

Are you in French Immersion? Need help with French homework? Preparing for the DELF test? Looking for private French lessons before travelling to Quebec or France? Do you want to learn French just for fun or how to speak it more fluently?


Nathalie was born and raised in France. (Yes, she loves red wine and blue cheese.) And she has been teaching French (and math and science) for 20+ years. Since 2007, she has been in Calgary teaching the same subjects.  But she also loves to tutor and teach privately; French Immersion, Late French Immersion, French tests, Adult conversation classes, DELF preparation classes for the DELF exam (for adults and children), etc.


Call 403 613 0364 (or use her email) to book a class with Calgary's best, smartest private French tutor (but she's really a teacher). You will learn to write and speak French fluently and perfectly.

High School English Tutor / ESL Instructor

Troy: English Literature (ELA)  or  English as a Second Language (ESL)

Private English and ESL Tutor
Troy C. Moore, BA, MA

Is English confusing?  Do Canadians talk too fast? Do you want to know how to speak English fluently

Perhaps you find Hamlet homework boring?  Is Macbeth killing you?  (They don't just read them in high school, eh!!) Do you know how to write an essay


Troy was born and raised in Ontario. With a Master's in Linguistics he has been teaching in Calgary full-time since 2005. English literature (ELA 10-20-30) and English as a Second Language are his specialties. He also tutors essay writing.


So if you want to get better marks in English class and need help with Shakespeare, novels, poems or essay writing, he is your man! However, if you prefer conversational English and accent reduction or if you want to learn how to speak English fluently, or take the IELTS exam or TOEFL test, call him now: 403 613 0364.

Get help from Calgary's best homework helper for math.

Adam: friendly tutoring for Math 30-1 diploma exam preparation

Adam enjoys teaching physics and Math.
Adam just loves tutoring and Math 30-1. He's also crazy about physics.

Are you looking for the best high school math help in Calgary? Preparing for the Math 30-1 Diploma exam? Are you looking for someone with patience? Someone fun and talented in math that will be helping you everyday with homework?


Adam is a great guy in NW Calgary and has been doing private math tutoring for the last six years. Adam is also a great physics tutor; not to mention Math 30-1 preparation. Furthermore, there is  Jeff  who teaches math in the SW. And Susan is a chemistry and biology tutor near Beddington in NW Calgary.


Call today for one of our private tutors, for help with Math homework or for a free phone assessment of your needs; 403 613 0364.

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