Free telephone assessment for Private ESL Classes

Call 403.613.0364 -- ESL Hotline

English as a Second Language for Adults

- private adult ESL classes in Calgary

- newcomers can speak like Canadians, eh!

- custom English courses for professional newcomers

- pronunciation practise, vocabulary development, grammar, expressions

Adult ESL & Conversation Classes

Do you need a private ESL tutor to practise speaking more English with? Do you have trouble with some parts of English grammar and vocabulary? Do you want to improve your pronunciation? Maybe you don't have time for regular English as a Second language courses at Mount Royal University or the University of Calgary. Instead, come for one 2-hour class per week -- or more, if you want. You will see major improvements very quickly.

  • learn how to speak more fluently
  • become comfortable with co-workers at work
  • feel more relaxed with your neighbours
  • improve your speaking and listening on the telephone
  • improve your pronunciation and speak like a Canadian

Do you realize that if you speak better, your will listen better?!  

Private English Conversation classes can do an awful lot for you. (Consider intense private summer ESL courses as well. Why be in a class of 15 or 20 students at the University of Calgary ESL class or Mount Royal University when you can have an ESL teacher all to yourself?)

Private ESL Lessons

What is the difference between LOOK AT,  LOOK UP  and  LOOK AFTER ? Did you ever hear, "I feel a little under the weather" or "I have to hit the hay"? Every language in the world has wonderful expressions. Private lessons with private ESL teacher can help you: 

  • learn mature, real-world, adult vocabulary items
  • study funny (wierd!) new idioms and expressions 
  • practice Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading
  • have a custom ESL course made up just for you
  • acquire job interview skills and get yourself ready for those important meetings
  • fix up your resume or CV

Our Happy ESL Students

Previous ESL classes with Chinese and Serbian engineers, Japanese doctors, Colombian dentists, French housewives, Brazilian journalists, etc.

ESL Class Instructor

Also a BA in Anthropology; 12 years ESL tutoring
Troy C. Moore, MA in Linguistics

Troy C Moore, Master of Applied Linguistics

  • Call now: 403.613.0364
  • 20 years experience teaching adults; born and raised in Canada
  • specializing in English pronunciation, grammar and Canadian expressions
  • located in Calgary, in quiet Glamorgan SW (close to downtown, near Sign Hill, Westhills, Glenbrook)
  • BA Anthropology and Linguistics (U. of Western Ontario)
  • Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis (Trinity Western University)
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Learn English comfortably. Fun ESL courses.

Pronunciation and Listening go hand-in-hand. Get private conversation classes.
Get a private tutor and Speak and Listen better.

Smart Tutors—and Troy in particular—enjoy seeing growth in their professional students. We try to help our students grow with gentle encouragement and stimulating tasks. Therefore, "our home is your home" and we have set up private classrooms with you in mind. We want you to feel comfortable when you are learning. Each ESL lesson is created with you in mind. But we also do extra things: like tiny snacks or homemade cookies on the desks, or the lovely fish tank in the waiting room. We want you relaxed and at ease.


Furthermore, we don't just look at your English level, we look at you as a person; as a husband or wife, child or adult, as an employee or student and as someone who is connected in the world outside. We want you to succeed and we know that others are relying on you; therefore, you need to succeed for many reasons. We understand the pressures you are under. That's another reason why we want your class to be educational, but also relaxing.


Helpful Links for English as a Second Language

Private ESL classes cover all English grammar tenses.
The twelve (12) tenses of English. They can be boring, but I will try to make learning them fun for you.

For adults, learning English when you already have a job and a family requires hard work. And you may not be able to afford as many private ESL classes as you would like to. To make it a little easier, here are great links for improving your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc. All of these links are below and they are free. Also, check out our ESL Video page.

  • Excellent video on pronunciation; follow link
  • New words, expressions; follow easy vocabulary or intermediate or more advanced
  • English grammar for ESL students: easy to difficult grammar practise
  • My favourite 'clothing' phrasal verb video; follow link
  • More phrasal verb practise; check out all 800 phrasal verbs

Times for private ESL classes

  • each private adult English lesson can take place at your home
  • or, you can come to our large, private classroom in SW Calgary
  • classes are available between 9 am & 9 pm
  • open Monday to Friday and/or week-ends
A Smart car for Smart-Tutors.
Smart tutors will drive to your homes.

**NEW**     Duolingo: ESL lessons and our Classrooms

This link helps to track the progress of students.
Duolingo is an excellent resource for language learning: for many lanugauages.


Learning to speak, read, hear and write in English does not have to be expensive. Smart Tutors is also ways looking for good quality, free or inexpensive material. A good example of such a resource is, Duolingo. Working with Duolingo for Schools, Smart Tutors plans to guide students into independent ESL learning. Feel free to join a classroom. If you don't see your language, send me an email to ask about a classroom. 

Firstly, the student sees a Smart Tutor ESL instructor as more of a "go-to-person" for when the student is lost or if things are difficult. Secondly, joining a class means that you want to be accoutable. You want someone to check up on you; someone to ask you, "Did you work on English today?" The ESL instructor isn't a policeman (or a policewoman); he/she is a coach who encourages you to stick to your learning goals.

Private Classes and Tutoring Rates

Africa is a very hot place for a Canadian English tutor to live.
Troy lived, worked and taught 7 yrs in the Central African Republic. He even learned the difficult Manza language--so he knows how you feel learning English.

The cost for a private ESL class covers the time spent in class and most of the materials used (e.g., homework sheets; we may discuss purchasing particular text books). All payments are receipted. Ask your employer if they might consider paying for part of your English class. Or the costs could be a tax deduction as well.  

  • private, one-on-one classes start at $85/hr (+GST)
  • all materials are included for most classes
  • simple, flexible payment plans
  • personal cheque, cash or Interact eTransfer®
  • receipts are always given