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Speaking and Writing sections

Speaking and Writing are active skills; you need to produce something in a language. (And for this exam, the language is English.) However, to write a language is the hardest thing because if you make a mistake, all the mistakes will be on paper. So you need practice to write (and speak) well.


We show you solid ways to prepare for the IELTS test and improve your marks. Actually, it is not expensive; we give you homework, but much of the practice work for the exam can be done at home. We put together a course that takes you were you are at present and makes you better at speaking and writing. A private tutor for test preparation is here to

  • teach you how to speak English fluently
  • give private essay writing classes
  • reduce your accent for the IELTS interview
  • make you comfortable with the test
  • help you feel more relaxed with the IELTS exam
  • improve your accent and make you speak like a Canadian
  • teach you English writing skills that you can use all your life

If you SPEAK better, you will HEAR better!!

Listening and Reading sections

Listen and Reading are parts of the IELTS exam that test your passive language skills. Listening and reading in English is easier because someone else is trying to give you a message. But you still need to pay attention to how words are spoken or to the grammar that the other person is using. A private teacher gets you ready for the exam by  

  • covering Listening and Reading during private preparation
  • giving you more vocabulary and showing you new idioms and expressions
  • reviewing grammar and pronunciation with you; for example, what is the difference between "I like coffee" and "I'd like coffee"?? Watch the grammar and how you say the words.

Why get in a IELTS preparation course with people of different levels. Get a private one set up for you. And preparing for the IELTS exam is also helpful for future job interviews and for writing reports and emails when you do have a job. Nothing is wasted.

Get private courses and be prepared

Also a BA in Anthropology
Troy C. Moore, MA

Troy C Moore -  Senior Tutor and Owner:

  • started Smart Tutors in 2005
  • native Canadian speaker with decades of teaching experience
  • specializes in accent reduction and essay writing
  • office/classroom located in SW Calgary (near Signal Hill and Westhills)
  • BA Anthropology and Linguistics (U. of Western Ontario)
  • Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis (Trinity Western University)
  • not a handsome or athletic teacher, but extremely smart!!

IELTS Academic or General tips

Five tips for to improve your English and your score

The IELTS exam tests your level of English. The exam is designed to check how capable you are in your second (or third) language, i.e., British or Canadian English, and it does a good job at it. Therefore, improving your overall of English will help you to pass the exam. Plus, improving your language skills is useful for your Canadian work world and for living here as well.

  1. sit and read a novel: yes, we are all soooooo busy, but you need to read. Get any book that is interesting to you (science-fiction, a biography of a famous person, a historical-fiction novel, a detective story, a romance, ... ; anything but do not waste time on a graphic novel, or on a newspaper). As you read your favourite novel, be looking for new words and new expressions
  2. you should write down your thoughts daily: practice writing down what happened in your day, describe a person you met, write plans for next summer, 
  3. turn on the radio: turn off the TV and listen to radio interviews
  4. TV: if you need to watch TV, turn on the subtitles and do some reading at the same time
  5. private classes: face-to-face classes give you personal examinations of your level of English and where you can improve

IELTS preparation Calgary

  • private IELTS exam preparation classes
  • classes take place at our office: 8416 Addison DR SE
  • all classrooms have projectors, desks, excellent lighting and plenty of comfort
  • sessions are available Monday to Friday, between 9 am & 9 pm
  • one-on-one sessions are by appointment only; call 403-613-0364 to book
From biology to automobiles; the test covers all.
IELTS exams cover various topics.

Rates for private Exam Preparation sessions

  • classes start at $85/hr (+GST)
  • receipts given for all payments for all IELTS classes
  • keep receipts for income tax purposes --  tax reductions toward your schooling
  • make payments by cash or Interact eTransfer®
  • all material, for each private class in Calgary, is included in the price
  • simple, flexible payment plans

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