For many, ELA is the worst!

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
It's cool to study Shakespeare. However, not every high school student would agree.

Having trouble writing essays?
Are you dreading the English diploma exam?

Great at Math, but you suck in ELA?

Does Shakespeare sound like foreign language? 

If you answered yes to any of these, then call for a private English ELA tutor who ...

  • knows and understands the Alberta Curriculum 
  • teaches Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Juliet in "real English"
  • practices essay planning, essay writing and essay editing (see here for details)
  • prepares private students for the English Diploma Exam
  • teaches students from the best high schools in Calgary: from Bishop Carroll, Rundle College, Saint Mary's, Sir Winston Churchill, St. Francis, Webber Academy, West Island College, Western Canada High School, William Aberhart, etc.
  • teaching students upgrading at Bow Valley College, Chinook and Mount Royal University

What do YOU get?

- higher grades quickly

- the best PRT / CRT essays ever

- an understanding of Macbeth, Hamlet, etc.

- private, personal lessons (or Zoom)

- 18 yrs experience with ELA 10-20-30

- share the cost with your buddy

How to write an essay

Free Phone Consultation - 403 613 0364

Large, lovely classroom for private ELA tutoring

Bright, cheering atmosphere with internet connections and a smartboard.
One of our private classrooms; complete with a smart board.
  • private classrooms
  • located in the quiet community of Acadia (SE Calgary)
  • close to Chinook Mall and IKEA Calgary 
  • private classes, Sunday to Friday, roughly 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  1. Option 1: Come with your child, sit nearby and watch the class!
  2. Option 2: Drop off your child, go do some shopping and return to find your child more confident and better prepared for school!! So easy.

English tutoring classes

- Alberta curriculum

- most stories, plays and novels

- lots of comprehension practice

- fun, interesting 1-on-1 classes

- easy payments

- experienced and friendly

- feel free to call or email questions

ELA 30-1 Tutoring for Diploma Exam

(For more details, refer to our page, "Essay Writing")

There is Part A and Part B of the diploma exam. If you want to have private lessons covering both topics, or one of the two, we can help you.

 There are many things that you can do to prepare for the High School English 30-1 diploma exam. One of those things is to have a good breakfast before writing it!! Little things count. Now, here are some other ideas as well:

  • download the list of previous 30-1 diploma exam questions / topics
  • take the questions and practice writing with friends and give each other a peer review (yes, it is nerdy, but do you want to pass?)
  • remember to improve your words (don't write baby English), but don't over-reach either and look too fancy
  • essay writing cannot be learned in a week -- start practising now -- months before the exam
  • Grade 10 is when you should really start working on your writing skills; Grade 12 is probably too late

Your English Tutor

BA in Anthrology; MA in Linguistics and Exegesis
Troy C. Moore, BA, MA

Troy C Moore -  Senior Instructor and Partner:

 20 years experience; born and raised in Canada
● specialized in writing CRTs and PRTs for the diploma exam

● study and discuss Shakespearean plays (e.g., Macbeth and Hamlet)
● office located in lovely Acadia SE (near Chinook Mall and Ikeas)
● BA Anthropology and Linguistics (University of Western Ontario, 1985)
● Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis (Trinity Western University, 2003)
 not very handsome, but extremely smart!


Foreign High School Students: Welcome

Japan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.
Map of Asian nations.

Have you come to Canada to learn more English? Congratulations. Good idea. But we know it is hard to learn a new language, in a new country! And you probably feel cold in Calgary.


But the hardest thing is English. Right? Don't worry -- the weather and the food will get better and we can help you with English.

  • foreign students get individual study help
  • learn from a teacher who has lived in other countries: we know how you feel
  • study English and learn Canadian culture
  • summer courses are available on request
Bangassou, Central African Republic
Troy worked seven years in the Central African Republic. Living and working in another culture (and becoming a student of that culture) is a life changing experience. You learn to see things differently.

Rates for English Tutoring

  • $85/hr (GST exempt)
  • ask about 10- and 20-hr package deals
  • cash or easy Interact eTransfer® 
  • all materials are included

Mature Student Challenge Diploma Exam. Be prepared.

Don't repeat all of Grade 12 English, just challenge the final exam.

Five (5) easy sessions and ace the challenge exam.