Your Private French Tutor-best in Calgary

A real teacher from France!!

A French teacher, not a tutor!
Nathalie: Senior French teacher from France.

Nathalie Moore (née Saint-André)


Senior French Teacher

Office Phone: 403.629.6710

  • located in SW Calgary 
  • teaches adults and teens
  • beginner to advanced classes
  • French Immersion
  • DELF examinator
  • DEFL exam preparation
  • teaches French Math, sciences, social studies
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Private French Classes For Adults:

- Prepare for Public Service exams

- Fun, interactive classroom setting

- Conversation and Travel classes for Adults

- Speak French fluently  . . . « parler couramment »

- Learn French in private (1-on-1) or small groups (2 to 3 people)

- Prepare for Canadian Government Second Language Evaluations

Teens/Adults: Learn French the Fun Way

- French Immersion or LATE French Immersion resources

- homework help (Grades 6 to 12)

- DELF exam preparation

- Math in French

Shocking photo of Eiffel Tower.
Lightening stricking Mr. Eiffel's tower.

No matter what you need to do in French, we can do it all.


Learn to speak French for fun. Practice better conversations for adults.

Obtain better grades at school.
Work or travel freely in Quebec or France.

Whatever you want, we will help you.


Don't be shocked.

At Smart Tutors, we can do it for you.

Study French: options

Learn French correctly

Adult Conversations

Business French Class

  • School Marks will improve
    ... French Immersion help
    ... Study math in French 
    ... French Language Arts (FLA 10-20-30)
    ... be less of a tourist; be more natural ... prepare for DEFL exams, A1-A2-B1-B2
    ... gain better pronunciation
    ... increase comprehension quickly
    ... improve writing skills
  • French for Travel 
    ... be less of a tourist
    ... sound more natural 
    ... learn to speak French fluently
    ... have real conversations
    ... travel more easily in the country
    ... know more about the culture
    ... see the beauty of France
    ... discount French classes for couples
  • Canadian Government exam
  • French for Business
    ... interact with others
    ... small group classes of 2 to 3
         students only
    ... possible upon demand
    ... learn from each other

Learn French in the Best classes

Calgary Location and Possible Class Times

Explore France and French culture in adult conversation classes.
Avignon, France; castle wall and tower. If you look very closely, you will see your French teacher, Nathalie, on the wall on the right hand side of this massage, high tower. Avignon was once the residence for seven Catholic popes.

ß   Nathalie  in  France   à 
(can you see her?)   


But wait! You don't have to go to France to learn French. You can learn right here in Calgary where Nathalie normally lives.

  • classes can be 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 hour classes
  • day or evening sessions
  • flexible times
  • classes from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Monday to Friday
  • come to our location—4407 47 ST SW
  • "crash courses" (intensive sessions) upon demand
Sing French songs and study their history.
« Sous » le pont d'Avignon. If you don't know about this famous bridge in France, you will. You can't just study a language--you need to study the culture as well.

Rates for Private French Lessons

  • starting at $60/ hr  (all work is receipted)
  • receipts may be used for income tax reduction purposes (ask us about it)
  • public school and high school tutoring is GST exempt
  • GST is applied to adult classes