Early French Immersion (Grades 5 and 6)



-Build a solid foundation in French.

- Learn to read and write.

- Get help in all core subjects: French Language Art, Math in French, Social Studies and Sciences.

- Communicate in French.

Having a tutor helping your child to do his/her homework will take the pressure off of you.

And child's marks will improve; and that takes pressure off your children. 

It's a win-win for everyone!!

Late French Immersion (Grades 7-12)

Is your teen getting a little overwelmed in the new French class ?

Our French Tutor will :

- provide your teen with a solid and dynamic basis

- enrich vocabulary and language skills with grammar and conjugation

-  help improve writing skills

- develop appreciation of the culture

- personalize follow-up with your teen!

French as a Second Language (Grades 10 -12)

French 10 - French 20- French 30

Need a little push for a late start in French? No problem.

- catch up quickly on vocabulary with our native French teacher from France!

- listen to short audios or videos to get used to the native speakers

- get a friendly atmosphere where learning French is efficient and easy

- increase your marks with a better understanding of the structure of the language


Get help with your French Immersion Homework

  · classes can be 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 hour classes

· 1-on-1

· flexible times, daytimes or evenings

· 10 am to 9 pm Mondays to Fridays


· at our location

ONLINE Lessons or IN-PERSON Classes - It's your choice!


Help stop the spread!!!

                                           Your French Immersion Tutor

Nathalie Moore     

certified teacher from France

Email: nathalie@smart-tutors.com

Senior French Teacher



  • Early and Late French Immersion
  • teaches FLA, Math in French, Sciences, Social Studies
  • teaches children and teens from beginner to advanced
  • located Calgary SW
  • exam preparation DELF