Math in French... just for YOU!


Math in French Grade 5 and 6

  • learn math concepts in French in an easy way
  • help your child achieve more than he or she ever thought possible

  • buid your child’s confidence

  • see marks improving in a short time 

Junior High School

Math in French Grade 7, Gr. 8 and  Gr.9

  • get help with Math...'en français'
  • tailored private lessons
  • understand French vocabulary in Math context

Friendly, Qualified French Teacher

Nathalie is not just a French math tutor, she is a teacher from France. Having her tutor your child or your teen will take the pressure off you. And your child's marks will improve; and that takes pressure off your children.                                                                                                  It's a win-win for everyone!!

Open 10 - 9 pm Mondays to Fridays

Online   or   In-person

Call 403 613 03 64

Nathalie Moore


Senior French Teacher


  • teaches children and teens from beginner to advanced
  • Early & Late French Immersion
  • teaches Math, Sciences, Social Studies... in French

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Videos to help you undestand Math... in French

Pourcentage calculations



center angles