Need a High School Physics tutor?

- private physics lessons for Grade 11 and 12 of any high school in Calgary

- homework help and test practise

- avoid exam/test axiety

Physics 30-1 Diploma ... love those exams ☺

- prepare early for the diploma exam

- you cannot cram physics

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Adam: your private Physics Tutor

He got a perfect Math 30-1 exam in 2005!!
Adam Mayhew

Mr Adam - Physics 20-1 and Physcis 30-1

  • your best private Calgary physics classes
  • located in Calgary's NW; close to Bowness High School and Market Mall and the U of Calgary
  • seven years full-tutoring

High School Physics Classes: 30-1 & 20-1

Phone for one-on-one classes. We specialize in after-school physics tutoring and know the Alberta Curriculum.

  • private physics classes
  • prepare and review for Physics 30-1 Diploma Exam
  • our Private Summer Classes help you improve your marks, or we help you while upgrading at Bow Valley, Chinook or Mount Royal University

Diploma Test and Exam Anxiety

Does your child suffer from Test Anxiety? We know how to help you with that.

  • start with a tutor early in the semester
  • it is not good to wait until you are behind
  • even "good students" require reviews on a weekly basis
  • quiz yourself to stay sharp
  • call us for weekly homework practice
  • tutoring will raise your marks 15% in two months

Jeff: your private Calgary Math Tutor

Engineering student at University of Calgary
Jeff Szabo

Mr Jeff - Physics 20 or 30-2

  • call for a private math class tutor
  • SW - located in Calgary, near Signal Hill, Glamorgan & Marda Loop
  • Tutoring with the company since 2011

Where and When in Calgary

  • math classes and physics lessons are available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., weekdays or weekends
  • classes take place at your home or at our locations

Physics Lessons and Tutoring Rates

  • private physics lessons start at $40/hr (all work is receipted)
  • high school students are GST exempt
  • most class material is funished for most classes
  • simple, flexible payment plans